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Data Security

Managing and integrating data requires the utmost attention to detail. At DPF Data Services, your data's logical and physical security is a prime concern. We ensure your information is available only to authorized personnel through the latest security measures and digital encryption methods. We employ several security precautions, including rigorous employee screening as well as multi-level password complexity.

Site Security

  • All building conditions such as temperature, water intrusion, smoke, fire and security are monitored by ADT.
  • All building access is monitored and logged by a smart card controlled access system.
  • All Servers are in the limited access Server Room, monitored by ADT and security cameras.
  • The Server Room power supplies and air-conditioning are isolated from the rest of the facility.
  • All equipment in the Server Room is connected to uninterruptible power supplies.
  • The entire building is supported by backup, standby power generating equipment, a Cooper Power Systems 200KVA diesel generator.
  • Motion detectors – surveillance cameras throughout the premises.


Data Security

  • Encryption - IPSec VPN, PGP, SSL, NDM and others
  • Virus Detection System
  • Redundant Firewall Systems
  • Screen Lockout
  • Workstation Lockdown
  • Authentication Authorization
  • C2 Auditing
  • Log Files
  • Raid 10


Along with electronic virus detection systems, secure data storage with DPF includes both hardware and software frameworks designed to provide comprehensive security for your digital repository system.


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Data Recovery


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